The Higher Specialist Scientific Training (HSST) is a 4 - 5 year training programme similar to Medical Consultant training, leading to Medical Royal College examinations (where these exist) and may have a doctoral award. Medical Royal Colleges along with Healthcare Scientists (working at an appropriate level) have supported the development of curricula for top level Healthcare Scientists working in areas relevant to each college's field of interest as part of the Modernising Scientific Careers (MSC) programme.

The programme is supported by the development of workplace-based assessment tools, assessment of equivalent learning and the development of academic careers.

HSST: Scaling the Heights demonstrates how the HSST programme will deliver the Consultant Clinical Scientists required by service. 

Scaling the Heights describes all the elements of HSST, including:

• The underpinning academic doctoral programme

• The development of curricula with scientists, professional bodies and medical royal colleges

• The implementation of these programmes through the National School of Healthcare Science

• Certification, registration and the recognition of previous training, experience and through the Academy for Healthcare Science.

The Academy of Royal Medical Colleges has published a statement in recognition of the importance of Higher Specialist Scientific Training (HSST) in ensuring appropriate career and training pathways for a highly skilled healthcare scientific workforce.

The National School of Healthcare Science and Health Education West Midlands have made a Frequently Asked Questions resource available to answer questions relating to HSST and to share the information widely.

In the event you have further questions relating to HSST please submit them to . Submitted questions will be added to the document and it will be updated with thenecessary information.

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