Healthcare Science Assistant and Associate Practitioners (Career Framework levels 2 - 4)

Apprenticeship reform plans were issued by the Government in November 2013; a document is provided which summerises the key changes. The project team are now in a position to move forward quite quickly with developments to meet these new requirements.

Over the next few weeks various documents will be circulated for review and comment. A response form will also be provided and it is essential that the correct response form is used to enable collation of comments for the consultation process. All responses should be sent to Shirley Fletcher (

Below is a list of the documents that either have been, or will be, made available. Links to the documents that are available are provided below.

1. Definitions - this will outline use of terms to clarify developments, including relationship between Apprenticeships and Career Framework levels.

o Working Definitions CF2-4: contains working definitions, including the four occupations covering Assistant and Associate levels that will be required for Apprenticeships and definitions of all terms associated with Apprenticeship reform. Please read this first so that you are up to date with the way forward for Apprenticeship reform.

o Working Definitions – Glossary and Response Document: includes a broad 'national profile/descriptors' of the four occupations to clarify differentiation. This document should be used to provide responses to the Working Definitions CF2-4 document above.

o Responses and comments to be returned no later than 1st March 2014.

2. Apprenticeship Standard - these are the new documents, one for each Apprenticeship which provide an overview of the Apprenticeship (please refer to the earlier definitions paper for guidance on the occupations included - Assistant and Assistant Practitioner).

o Comparison Development Modules And Outcomes – Assistant and Assistant Practitioner: this provides a comparative guide to outcomes within the Apprenticeship programmes for the two occupations. Both Apprenticeship programmes are structured using the agreed model for CF2-4 with Core Mandatory, Themed and Functional Category modules, supported by the Personal, Cognitive and Professional Skills Framework for CF2-4. Please not that reference is made to existing units from QCF, for example, as these are being used in the interim. New modules in the reformed framework will be presented in the current Learning Guide format and be subject to the Assessment Guidance developed for CF2-4 Apprenticeships. There is therefore an opportunity to update and improve module outcomes.

o Comparative Development Programmes – Assistant and Assistant Practitioner Response Form: this document should be used to provide a response to the Comparison Development Modules And Outcomes – Assistant and Assistant Practitioner document above. This provides you with the opportunity to highlight if you feel anything is missing or inappropriate. It would also be useful if you could provide feedback on any specific job/role titles (ie local/specialist level) to which these Apprenticeships will apply.

o Responses and comments to be returned no later than 10th March 2014.

3. Assessment approach - this outlines the overall requirement for assessment for each apprenticeship – TO BE CIRCULTAED IN DUE COURSE

4. Learning Guide - this will provide the outcomes and more detailed assessment for each module - TO BE CIRCULTAED IN DUE COURSE

5. Mapping - map of Apprenticeship modules to PTP, Skills for Health and Skills for Care - TO BE CIRCULTAED IN DUE COURSE

Thank you for your help and support.

Please note that any comments and / or responses should be sent to:

Shirley Fletcher Project Consultant CF1-4


Healthcare Science Assistant Practitioners work towards vocational qualifications, sometimes using apprenticeships as a training route. Invest in Health is the gateway to information on learning and development for NHS staff in the North West who are in bands 1 to 4. Their website is designed to help you find out about learning opportunities, get ideas and inspiration and check on the funding support available. For employers, training providers and people who support learners, there's also useful resources and guidance.

Healthcare Science Associate Practitioners are commonly trained through a Foundation Degree or Diploma. Many organisations are familiar with developing their wider support workforce using these education routes and already have arrangements in place. The two year competency based Foundation Degree is currently funded by NHS North West and is provided by Manchester Metropolitan University

The Associate Practitioner role is clearly identified within Modernising Scientific Careers and supports the development of building capacity and capability into Healthcare Science services.

Through Modernising Scientific Careers there is currently a national learning and development framework being created that will provide a national curricula for Assistants and Associates that will also enable a clear route to progress to Practitioner Training Programme (PTP).

The development of Associate Practitioner roles is being supported by the North West Workforce Modernisation Hub. Information regarding the work they do can be found on eWIN (Workforce Information Network Portal).

Please contact Suzanne Southern ( 07825 972450) Workforce Modernisation Development Manager to discuss development and support mechanisms for Healthcare Science Associate Practitioners in the North West.